Behaviour Based Safety

Experteyes works with Clients and their Contractor personnel who have practical experience and demonstrated knowledge (the experts) to:

  • Define the behaviours of people as they carry out their tasks efficiently and safely while meeting required quality standards
  • Develop task specific behavioural illustrations (safety cartoons) which link the correct way of working with the consequences of not working the correct way
  • Develop videos incorporating the safety cartoons to efficiently communicate the correct way to do tasks to those doing the tasks via inductions, coaching and training
  • Introduce observation systems using behavioural checklists specific to the task
  • Introduce systems providing feedback to groups of personnel
  • Appropriately reward groups of personnel as their percentage compliance with correct behaviours improves
  • Develop an understanding of Human Error to discourage people placing blame on individuals in situations where it is not appropriate to do so
Geoff in Conference

Experteyes offers two Safety Training Workshops:

"Choosing to Work Safely" deals with human error against the background of choice. It gives us a framework to understand why we do what we do and incorperates impairment (Fit for Duty).

"Defending to Reduce Risk" introduces Reason's Defences in Depth model and deals with the sequence of accident causation.