Accident Investigation

Applying Geoff Murray’s experience gained from the analysis of fatal incidents, Experteyes:

  • Provides advice to focus and strengthen Safety Management Systems
  • Investigates and analyses incidents and accidents using Tripod methodology to ensure appropriate breadth and depth of investigation

Experteyes offers a Safety Training Workshop "Choosing to Work Safely" which provides an understanding of Human Error against the classifications of “slips, lapses, mistakes and violations” and which gives us a framework to understand why people do what they do. Another Safety Training Workshop, "Defending to Reduce Risk" introduces the Tripod Defences concept and provides practice in the application of this concept. This provides a method to ensure that incident investigations consider the full breadth of defences which could and should have been in place. It also provides a picture of those system defences which were correctly applied, those that were not, and those that were not part of the system but could have been in place.