About Experteyes

Experteyes provides Specialist Safety, Project Management and Training services in the following areas:

Experteyes focus is on what people doing the work should be doing and what they need to know:

  • Tools are created for people to use
  • Procedures are drafted along the lines of “do this using Tool X”, thus minimising verbiage
  • Core behaviours critical to conducting work efficiently and safely are identified for both supervisors and people doing the work
  • These core behaviours are illustrated with cartoons and organised into safety topics
  • Ultimately the safety cartoons are incorporated into videos to enable efficient communication to people doing the work

The Experteyes name reflects the behavioural approach outlined above. It is by working with our best people (our experts), that we can define the required behaviours of personnel as they carry out their specific tasks. When we have done so, we are then able to provide the opportunity for others to watch work through the eyes of our experts. Hence the chosen trading name of Experteyes!

If you’d like to know more about how Experteyes’s Principal, Geoff Murray, thinks about some of these aspects, look at "Introducing the Role of Guidance" You can also view Geoff Murray's CV here.